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Why are we here

We believe that anyone can be an entrepreneur if they are given the right tools, advice and encouragement!

You don't know what you don't know and that's scary. Is there a lot to starting your own startup? Yes. Is it hard? Yes. and that is why we are here to help guide you in your journey.

The build my Unicorn platform will take you from the back of a napkin idea to a working start-up, guiding you on what to do next and make sure you have everything covered.

No more searching through Google and hoping you are taking the right steps or doing the right thing.

We will also introduce you to the right professionals through our Build my Unicorn expert community. This will be done at the right stage of the process so you do not bring them in too early or too late.

How we do it  

We provide the platform to allow you to build the foundations of your business. Joining us at Build my Unicorn, you will get access to our expert network who provided their knowledge and expertise to this platform.
Startup Planning

Got a business idea?

Well, crafting your business plan doesn’t have to be a pain with Build My Unicorn. Simply answer the questions our business plan creator prompts and communicate your business idea in a matter of minutes.

Don’t worry, we’ve worked with numerous business experts to help you build a solid business plan and take your business ahead.
Startup Research

How to start a business?

How am I going to get customers? How am I going to scale my business? Fret not! That’s why Build My Unicorn is here! Answer the questions or have your questionnaire ready, and try to validate your business idea. Determine if there is a viable market for your upcoming venture and plan your roadmap yourself. Get step-by-step guidance from industry experts and model your start-up faster.
Startup Branding

What does your company brand look like

Identify the components of your company that will help you achieve long-term goals and success. Determine the purpose of your brand, maintain consistency, use emotions, remain flexible, involve employees, reward loyalty, and stay competitive. Don’t worry, Build My Unicorn will help you envisage the complete journey.
Startup Finance

Wondering how profitable your business would be?

Creating the right forecasts and revenue models can be very daunting, but if you are looking to raise funding this will always be asked of you. We have gathered the correct templates to allow you to easily create these figures.
Startup Tech

How we implement technology?

Understand the implications of your business plan and envision the required technological stack. Seek our help to pick the right technology, get an indication of the technology development cost, and make better decisions to increase profit and accomplish your goals. We can even help you connect with our trusted partners who can help you build the technology you want.
Startup Recuitment

How and where do we get staff for a startup?

Simplify your recruitment game with Build My Unicorn. Right from helping you build a role too creating an employer pitch, we are here to make you understand the complete recruitment process. Not only that, we will walk you through hiring candidates, on-boarding the right talent, and informing them on their responsibilities once recruited.
Startup Recuitment

Where do I start on the Pitch?

A perfect professional pitch doesn’t exist.....yet; it is made. Try your hand on our pitch deck templates and create a professional pitch quickly and easily. Make the most of all the important slides that our templates consist of and design an impactful overview of your business idea.
Startup Recuitment

All well and good, but how do I pay for this?

Worried about preparing applications for grants and loans? Never mind! Build My Unicorn has an array of questions you might need to answer for grants/loans. Once you’re ready with the responses, we can apply on your behalf and secure your initial funding. That’s not all! We can even guide you through some loans/grants you might not be aware of.
Trust App

I am worried about sending money to someone I dont know?

Enjoy a worry-free and hassle-free secure transaction of services and payments on Build My Unicorn via Trustap. The payment made by the buyer will be held in escrow and delivered to the seller only when both mutually agree upon the work completion, ensuring transparency, trust, and security.
THomas Walsh Start-ups

Why am I doing this?

90% of users say that videos help them build the foundational knowledge they’ll need to better understand the platform. So, here we are with comprehensive video guidance explaining why you are doing what you are doing. Get started without hesitating!
Startup Marketing

I have a great product, how are people going to see it

Marketing isn’t an easy job! But a perfect marketing strategy can help your start-up grow without much investment. From explaining what marketing strategies can work best for your company to walking you through their implementation, we’ve got your back. Some popular marketing strategies include reward referrals, report press releases, create content, perform SEO, leverage social media, and send emails.

We will explain it all to you!

What do you get in the end

What does working on the Build my Unicorn platform give me.

Part of a community

Introductions to other people who are going through what you are going through.

A Legal company set up

We will give you the knowledge to set up your company the correct way.

recruitment strategy

Your startup is only as good as the team, providing you with the process of finding and recruiting your staff and informing you of your legal obligations to these staff.

Technical rode map

Navigating technology, especially for non-technical founders can be difficult we will provide the road map you need to get your product built.

Online Presance

With our introductory offer, we will provide you with email addresses and a hosting package to get you online.

Video Guidance

Rather than reading Blogs or long boring instructions, we provide video guidance at each step to explain in plain English why you are been asked to do what you are doing.

built in questionnaire tools

Create as many questionnaires as you like to provide you with market research and validation.

Branding strategy

How company see's your company from all the touchpoints, we will provide you with a Branding strategy to make sure everything is coherent.

Marketing strategy

You will have a strategy and an understanding of where is the best place for you to market your startup.

Exclusive meetup events

We regularly have meetup events where we will bring a specialist to give an overview of a particular topic. We also give you the opportunity to ask questions. In the past, we have had solicitors, Intellectual Property  experts, crowdfunding experts and many different experts present.

Start-ups Are Hard To Build...

Some of the Facts are gonna blow your mind!

An estimated 90% of new start-up businesses fail

34% of start-ups close within their first two years

82% of businesses fail due to crippling cash flows

79% of start-up companies that fail start with too little money

approximately 34% of companies shut down due to lack of product-market fit

Marketing, team problems & little experience of CEOs is a leading reason why start-ups fail

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  • Customer Testimonails

    This is the tool so many of us need to help take that idea in our head through to an operating business, can't wait!

    Greg Copeland Brand Strategist |
  • Customer Testimonails

    An intuitive way for budding tech entrepreneurs to turn ideas into businesses.

    Andy Almond Client Director | Langham Recruitment
  • Customer Testimonails

    I'm a serial business founder, Build My Unicorn is exactly the platform I wish I had when I first started out!

    Ste Bergin Company Director | Spread Like Wildfire Films and Media
  • Customer Testimonails

    We worked with Build My Unicorn to help scale our buiness, they introduced us to the experts we needed and it really helped us grow

    Andrew Briggs Managing Director | Insight Electrical
  • Customer Testimonails

    Build My Unicorn is an incredible resource that enables startup founders to access anything they could possibly need, to help them get from an idea, all the way to a revenue generating business

    Conor Lyden Founder and CEO | Trustap
  • Customer Testimonails

    For anyone thinking about a beginning a start up, this is perfect. A one-stop shop from idea to technology, with expert advice and practical actions at every step

    Roy MurphyFounder | Synthetic
  • Customer Testimonails

    A great structural guide to what’s needed when starting a business

    Daniel de Wolf Advisor | Director | Mentor
  • Customer Testimonails

    Creating the right foundations for any start-up is where the journey begins, this is the first station to embark from

    Adam Fillary Strategic Advisor | 45 Degrees
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