About Build My Unicorn

Build my unicorn was founded in 2019 by Thomas Walsh. The initial idea for the company was to help people with their start-ups from a technical perspective. We quickly noticed that there were many different places to help you build a pitch deck, or to help you build a business plan, or to help you raise financing, but the problem was they were all different companies with individual expertise. There was nowhere that could tell you that you need XYZ to start a business and show you, this is how we are going to help you build your business.

By leveraging the teams extensive network that had been built over many years, we were able to create a team of experts from every necessary field to become trusted partners of Build My Unicorn. With the combined decades of experience we were able to create a one stop shop where would be and budding entrepreneurs could come to learn how to start a business.

The idea expands

After a year of constant growth the team came together and decided it was time to expand. This gave birth to the idea of building a platform to scale the business. The reason behind the platform was to create a start-up hub for entrepreneurs that will combine all the information gathered from all of the partners made along the way.

After extensive research, interviewing and fitting the right companies to the relevant positions we set out to find a developer to help us build our idea. After finding a top class Full Stack Developer we spent the next six months brainstorming ideas and building the platform. However, it was during this time of development that Build my unicorn took an unexpected pivot.

The Team Expands

As our reputation grew and word of mouth soared, we started to receive increasing interest from entrepreneurs both within and outside of our professional network. Faster than we had imagined, we needed to expand our team. More developers were needed to handle the increasing volume of projects and soon after we needed to hire a project manager to help start-ups with planning and organising the scope of their projects. This helped us expand our reach into the software development world and enabled us to fund the development of the platform.

The Company Expands

The key to Build My Unicorn’s success is not just having the right people with the right skills, it is having the right people with the right attitude and providing them with the tools needed to become the best, we take this approach with the start-ups we work with, as well as our staff. We do not believe that because you have a particular skill set you must stick to that and cannot deviate from that role

We encourage diversity amongst our staff as we need it for ourselves, this is how we model our expansion. The next phase of growth for Build My Unicorn was providing support staff. We now had a number of start-ups, who had created their clickable demo, completed their market research, successfully brought to market their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and were in the final production phase of their product. This begged the question, What is the next step? Building our support team. This ever expanding team has helped us become the powerhouse of the start-up community that we are today. Providing services to our clients such as support for customers up 24 hours a day, documentation writing, creating their Knowledgebase, setting up and managing their helpdesk and ticketing systems, supporting founders with demo’s to prospective customers and adding further developments to their application.

Expand With Us

Whether you need advice on how to start a business, help with the development of a business already started, ongoing support for a viable business already created, or you are looking for all of the above, reach out to us so we can help you on your journey. We are here to help every step of the way.


"The Build My Unicorn" team

Thomas Walsh
Mudasir Ganayee
Full Stack developer
Helen Dwyer
Project Manager
Dean Fay
Support Manager
Shahnawaz Saleem
Back end and AI developer
Sheeba Yousuf Shah
Senior web designer

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